Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wake up! Joy is here!

My great-granny was well past 102 years old when she died. During her last weeks she was without clear thought and speech. After giving drops of water and gentle touches to her, my sister, Nancy, and I spent our last minutes with Granny singing "Jesus Loves Me". She calmed visibly. I know she could hear us.

Hearing is often the last sense to go. As people drift away from consciousness, they may hear and process more than we realize. As children, we close our eyes trying to imagine blindness. Have you imagined losing all your senses except hearing?

Let me hear the joyful sounds of Vivaldi and Mozart. Sit with me and sing the hymns and worship songs we love so dearly. Help me remember those who cheer me on from the great crowd of witnesses so that I can hear them saying, "You can do it! I made it and so can you!" Let the little children read to me their books and tell me of their days at play. Read the "Wonderful Words of Life" to me, especially the Psalms and the life of Jesus. Come and pray with me in thanksgiving and delight, with depth of heart. Say to me that I mattered to you and tell me what God is teaching you.

Let's start today. Let's not wait until "someday" to say our last words of encouragement and love. Let's not wait for tomorrow to look back and wish for today. Let's live life with our hearts and eyes wide open. Oh, the joy of being with you and hearing your voice! You have the power to change my world. I can change yours. Wake up! Joy is here! Wake up! Joy is here!

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