Monday, October 11, 2010

Decluttering My Life

I don't know about you, but cooling Autumn breezes motivate me to declutter. Before I discovered the Flylady, I didn't even use the word, "declutter". Now each year I enjoy the challenge to observe my surroundings and my inner life and consider what I should get rid of before the arrival of quieter, shorter days of winter.

Car. House. Body. Schedule. Heart...The list goes on and on, but what usually happens is that even without total success in my ambition to declutter, a sense of accomplishment and wellbeing is the result. Perhaps the most helpful lesson has been learning to see the value of a simplified, orderly life.

Rather than chaos management, my world becomes a better blending of tranquility and purpose. Rather than being surrounded by clutter that discourages me and wakes me up to hopeless frustration, a well ordered life and home wake me up with contentment and possibilities.

I waited too long to give God everything that I am and all that I have, the whole mess of my life, but once I did He filled my life with simplicity, wonder and order....and those things resulted in an overflowing of joy and abiding peace.

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