Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reasons to Praise

To enthrone God and acknowledge his greatness Ps 95:1-5

To increase our awareness of God’s presence Ps 103

To have the joy of the Lord Ps 30

To acknowledge God’s hand in every area of our lives Ps 91

To release God’s power into our situations Ps 144

To know God Better Ps 50:23

To break our chains of bondage and bring deliverance Ps 50:14-15

To be under God’s covering of safety and protection Ps 95:6,7

To strengthen the soul and be transformed Ps 138:1-3

To receive guidance and establish God’s purposes Ps 16:7-11

To thwart the devil’s plans for our destruction Ps 92

To dissipate doubt and increase faith Ps 27

To be delivered from fear Ps 34

To bring a fresh flow of his Holy Spirit in us Ps 40

To possess all that God has promised for us Ps 147

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