Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Cleaning in the Heartland

I live in America's Heartland, the middle area of the United States, where we are enjoying a kaleidoscope of autumn color and the celebration of harvest and summer's end.

I "wake up" my house each morning by opening the windows to allow in a cleaning sweep of fresh cool breezes. Scented candles have been taken from storage, summer bouquets of fresh flowers are replaced by a bowl of fresh fruit. Fall cleaning and decluttering is scheduled so that when the winter cold and snows come, I am able to enjoy quiet activities out of clean, orderly rooms that are a blessing to enjoy.

Our hearts are classrooms where others soak up whatever we learn and live. Watching the life of Jesus through the eyes of the disciple, Matthew, this week has created a disgust at my messy classroom. It's time for fall cleaning and decluttering in the classroom of my heart. The woman I am is not the woman I could become if I tried harder to be like Jesus.

Father, I am opening up the the windows of my heart so You can let in the fresh air of new insights. Shine Your light around the classroom of my heart so I can see clearly old rusty habits, myths and false beliefs that should be thrown in the trash and broken places that should be mended. Show me the treasures that should be taken off the shelves and out of the file cabinets and given to others.

Would You light a candle of hope in me that shines brightly to all who have eyes to see? Would You replace what is dead in me with the fresh fruit of overflowing joy, abiding peace and strong gentleness?

Make my life a prayer to You, a sweet aroma that is welcoming and encouraging.

Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me.

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