Monday, October 25, 2010

Letter to a Little Woman

My dear child,

I have loved you since before you were born. I love you more than life itself and I want so much to watch you grow up in wisdom and stature, in the favor of God and man.

I am proud of you as I watch you grow because you are a person who is eager to do what is right. I see in you the compassion, gentleness and love of Jesus. You like learning to live out your life like Jesus did. You enjoy the wonders of plants and animals and rocks, all the things that God has made so intricately and beautifully to bless the earth.

I see you loving little children and wanting to be a good example for them, to protect and honor them. I see you admire your mom and dad, seeing many things in their character that you would like to learn as you grow. I see you play hard and run fast and jump high, making your body strong. I see you eating good food and drinking water and growing in your desire to be healthy.

You are brave and diligent, my darling. You are pretty and creative and musical and funny. You draw well and read well and learn easily. Take the gifts that God has given you and help them to blossom and bear good fruit in your life. Learn to be efficient and use your time wisely to accomplish much. Discover what to put in your mind and your life to make God pleased with your faithfulness.

Let me know when there are things we can do together that will help you. I’m always here for you and all my life I will pray daily for you and seek to show you what a woman can be and do. I’m grateful every day that God gave me your mother....and then you.


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