Saturday, October 2, 2010

Walking With Father

It's been fun walking with You today.

Did you know before the foundation of the world that we would go for a nature walk?

Did you plan for the sunshine twinkling on the lake and the cool breeze blowing through my hair? Did you tell the turtles to sun on the rocks so I would see them? Did you whisper to the butterflies and send them my way?

I'm just asking beause those are the sorts of things I would like to do if I planned a nature walk with a daughter.

Did you plan for us to be spontaneous and stop at the new neighborhood coffee shop? Did you tell the young waitress to give me free coffee? Was it You that arranged for there to be only one raspberry filled donut left? Did You make sure it would be sugar sprinkled, not powdered, not glazed, not iced, since that's my favorite?

My daughters don't know everything I do for them. They only know I love them and that I'm walking alongside. I don't know everything You do for me. I only know You love me.

Thank you for Your love. Thank You for the surprises You tuck into the corners of every day just to bless me and remind me that You're there....walking alongside.

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