Saturday, October 23, 2010

Welcome to Sabbath

Colours of day dawn into the mind. The sun has come up. The night is behind.
Good morning, my Father.

Thank you for hazelnut coffee steaming from my sunshine yellow mug. Thank you for my toast,warm and crisp, smeared with peanut butter. Thank you for sleepy eyes blinking awake to seek You. My bed was a warm safe place to snuggle while the music of crashing thunder and pouring rain surrounded me. Thank you for my quilt and the rainstorm.

Welcome to Sabbath, Child.

Today is a day to rest, to be with You and ponder and pray, to seek and to study, to rest and to refresh. I love Sabbath. Thank you for it.

But, Father, for those who are hungry both physically and spiritually, to those who are homeless and cold, longing for shelter from the rain, would you make it a good morning? For those who are in prison or surrounded by war, for those who are broken and sad and afraid...for those who cry alone aching for someone to love them, to show them the way to You...for the children who are lost, abused, being broken...

Do You see them? Won't You comfort them? Open the eyes of Your people to be Your hands and feet in every nation. Teach us to love with Your heart and to see with Your eyes.

Will you be poured out like wine upon the altar for me? Will you be broken like bread to feed the hungry? Would you be so one in Me that I can do just what I will? Will you be light and life and love, My word fulfill?

I will, Father. I will. Break my heart over the things that break Yours.

First, Sabbath. Then You will be ready to go back out into the world and be My breath of fresh air, My hands and feet. Do not be afraid. Do not be disheartened. I have overcome the world. I AM.

From the rising of the sun to the going down of the same, Your name is worthy to be praised...tell me Your stories, Father. As I snuggle in my bed to rest, please won't You tell me Your stories?

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