Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Wish I Could

I wish I could help you as much as you've helped me.

I wish I could show you how you've made me a better person
just by being there for me, even if I was just being a big baby.

I wish I could be half the person that you are.

I wish I could be half as kind
and even a third as unconditionally loving.

I wish I could weave words the way you do.

I wish I could put smiles on even strangers' faces
just by the simple things I write the way you do.

I wish I could show you the sunrise and the beauty in this world
that you've opened my blind eyes to.

I wish I could be as beautiful as you.

Most of all, I wish I could make you happy the way you've done for me.

I wish I could...I hope I am something to you...

Because I look up to you as the Christ-loving Mother I never had.
and think of you as one of my best friends.

I hope I show you even an ounce of the love for life that you have shared.

I hope one day I can be your sunrise if you find yourself
caught in too much darkness.

Thank you, for being so beautiful and kind and wonderful.

And whether you know it or not,
thank you for being my mentor and my guardian and my sunrise.

~Marta Mackey

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