Saturday, October 9, 2010

Taking Time for Tea

Most people don't seem to find buried treasure at Starbucks, but today as I sat in the sunshine under a table umbrella with two of my kindred spirits, Carol and Lynn, I found treasure.

We don't settle for simply wanting to get together for tea or suggesting we get together for tea; we actually make it happen. It's not all that easy to juggle our schedules and find a time, but we choose to do it. It's important. It makes us better women, more contented women, more effective women.

Laughter alternates with tears and tales of good times blend with stories of tough times. We share it all because shared lives are richer lives. We give each other different perspectives and creative thoughts about what it all means. And we take time to just sit and enjoy one another.

My friends are excellent company and that's a treasure more precious than gold.

The world moves too fast. We're all too busy. But it's just not okay when we become too busy for taking time for tea with friends.

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