Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Calico Surprise

A calico kitten returned to my garden this morning for a carefree romp. He halted, crouched and studied the terrain, confused by the changes in his playground. A barren garden mulched with straw was more disappointment than he wanted to accept.

Gone were the tomato vines where he could always find butterflies to worry. Shady zucchini vines, perfect for hiding from weary birds, had gone up in smoke. Rough stakes delightful for scratching and speedy pole racing lay neatly stacked beside the compost pile. His playground was closed for the winter and he hissed in frustration.

How to encourage a calico kitten?

I softly called and he scampered over to me, confident that I would provide stability and restore hope to his broken world. Maybe provide tuna and cheetos for some comfort food.

I reassured him with gentle words and tender petting. I picked up a ball and tossed it. He raced after it, pounced, wrestled it across the yard and finally subdued it. The playground was closed for the winter, but football season had begun! Run. Tackle. Wrestle. Subdue. Repeat.

No matter how disappointing and confusing life gets, finding the surprises God has tucked into the corners of the day redirects my thoughts and joy comes.

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