Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Cup of Words

Words lift us out of ourselves, transform us and encourage us. Words spoken to an invisible world created the visible world. Words are so important to God that not only did He create the world with them, but He made His Word become flesh to dwell among us.

He breathed out the words we read daily in the Bible and He continues to preserve and empower those words for each generation. The Word of God brought tidings of great joy to all people when Jesus was born into the world.

Our words have lost their weight. Social pages such as Facebook and the rapid increase of texting have brought concerning issues for the power of words in this generation. Futile words, hurtful words, uncensored words are replacing words of encouragement and positive insights.

Words are like a cup of tea. It all depends on how you make it.

Tea freshly brewed in pure water has depth and character. The flavor delights and warms the body. Savoring a cup of tea brings sweetness, restoration and even healing. How much more delicious to savor words that are pure and sweet, to hear words that have depth and character! Oh, beloved ones, what delightful flavor, warmth and healing you can offer with your words.

God says we will have to give an account for every word we have spoken whether good or bad. To dwell on such a truth overwhelms my heart because many are the useless, hurtful and untrue words I have spoken.

In many words there is much sin, but words aptly spoken are like apples of gold in settings of silver. A cup full of tea can brighten my day and warm my body. A cup full of words can brighten my world and warm my soul. Fill your cup up and let it overflow. Let it overflow with love.

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