Thursday, November 18, 2010

Prayer Like Gingerbread

Renewed pleasure in reading the Psalms has motivated me to examine my prayer life. I believe that the effective, fervent prayer of the righteous accomplishes much. Why doesn't that prompt the devotion to prayer that it could?

"Your honest, heartfelt prayers today will impact the flow of history tomorrow." ~Max Lucado

Believing it is not enough. If I want to live out a life of prayer that impacts the flow of history, then I need to make some changes in my prayer life. The Bible says our prayers are a sweet aroma to God. God wired His people with power, but we have to turn on the switch. We need to be a people of prayer.

The heavenly scent of gingerbread welcomes the chilled, hungry children who stop by my house after school. Mattie treated her bite of gingerbread to a gulp of milk and suggested that school would be more fun if it could smell like gingerbread. Then she grinned. "I wish my whole life could smell like gingerbread!"

I want my whole life to smell like prayer the way Mattie wants her whole life to smell like gingerbread.

Father, draw close. Come quickly. Open your ears to my prayers ~it's my voice you're hearing. Make my life a prayer to You. Treat my prayers as sweet incense rising; the raised hands of my evening prayers.

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