Monday, November 15, 2010

Tea with Carson

As I wiped syrup from his pancaked-stuffed mouth, Carson grinned, giggled and went airborne. Summoning the agility of an athlete I caught him mid-leap, grimacing as little hands oozed church breakfast goo into my hair.

Once he was spit and polished I encouraged him toward his parents, picked up my cup of tea, and decided I should discover just how bad a hair day I was having that Sunday morning, but his little hand took mine and squeezed it. "Can I sit with you? Because we like that don't we?"

I agreed that he could and as we took our seats he continued, "You sit here and drink your tea and I'll sit here and drink your tea, too."

Our tea sharing began when he was so small he needed more milk than tea in his cup. He's four now and every cup of tea is a lesson in knowing his heart. Time to visit over a cup of tea is important because it warms our relationship the way tea warms the heart.

Opportunities to talk with children have to be created. God sends us into the lives of children to teach them He is real, to let them know He loves them, to guide them to truth.

Be the hands and feet of Jesus in the life of a child. By holding hands with you, he learns the calming tenderness of trusting in someone bigger and stronger. By following you he sees the determined confidence in someone who knows more and sees beyond the moment.

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