Monday, December 20, 2010

Candy Cane Wishes

I decided to end an argument over who had the most Legos by creating a snack break for the children. They were both cold and hungry, but a couple of hours away from a pizza party. All it took to gather the children was the sounds I make in the kitchen getting out freshly decorated Christmas tree cookies and a pan to make hot chocolate.

Carson and Lydia hurried to my side to help as I got down the snowmen mugs, marshmallows and cocoa. The older siblings, Kaelyn and Joya, joined me and began to get out spoons, plates and napkins. Our cheery chatter turned to sharing memories of favorite treats enjoyed during the holidays.

"Can I have a candy cane with my hot chocolate? And marshmallows?" Carson asked. "And sprinkles and whipped cream?"

"I don't think I have any whipped cream to put sprinkles on," I explained, sorry to disappoint him.

Carson, however, is nothing if not adaptable and creative. He paused, frowned thoughtfully, then easily solved his problem. "Well, then, I will just dip my cookie in it. Can I have the biggest cookie?"

Before his three older sisters could argue in their own interests, I shook my head no. "That's being greedy, Carson. It's not kind."

He grinned. He already knew he was being greedy. "Okay. I'll just have the cookie with the most sprinkles then and a candy cane. And marshmallows. And chocolate in my hot cocoa, okay?"

We all have a greedy child living inside of us, don't we? So easily tempted, we want things that are no longer-lasting than a candy cane wish, even though we already have more than enough.

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