Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Notes

Christmas cards and letters greet me when I open my mailbox every day. No matter how hard it is to write words, we keep trying, even if we need help from Hallmark.

Brightly colored Christmas drawings from the children cover my refrigerator. Facebook statuses frequently feature cheery quotes and always bring a smile. Reluctant writers all over the world are putting pen to paper to warm the heart of a friend during the Christmas season.

What a delightful surprise to open the mailbox and discover brightly colored envelopes among the bills and advertisements! How lovely to hold a recent photo that falls in my lap as I open a card or letter. Being remembered by someone warms my very heart and brings a smile to my face as precious memories flood my soul.

Today as I snuggle under a quilt by the fire I will enjoy writing notes in my Christmas cards. It's rather a charming and endearing tradition we have kept through the generations, don't you agree?

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