Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jesus Loves Me

Jesus laughed as He scooped up the children when they ran to Him and begged for stories. He knew every name, every wound, where they liked to be tickled and how many hairs were on each head. The children knew of Him from listening to the discussions around them, but Jesus wanted them to know His love. He craved relationship with the children.

He realized that if not watched carefully, young Noah would be tangled in the fish nets. Ornery Hosea would be tossing rocks into the Sea of Galilee and splashing the old people resting on the grassy banks. The children must have called to Him, jumping and waving,"Jesus! Watch THIS!"

When He was pierced by the taunts of Pharisees He surely craved an innocent hug. How He must have laughed when a child dumped a bucket of cool water over His tired feet! Moments with the children were precious in a world of rejection.

He knows the name of Lydia's favorite doll. It matters to Him that Isaiah is struggling with numbers. He notices that Ellie Rose likes His spiders, beetles and dragonflies. He cares that John delights in grasshoppers and watches spider webs.

We are individuals to Him and He finds that endearing. He knows us. And because He knows us, He loves us.

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