Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Queen of Christmas

It takes us about six weeks to celebrate Christmas at our house. Starting with ThanksGiving and ending with New Year's Day, our home begins to resemble Santa's Workshop. My husband is Chief Elf in charge of the Christmas tree, gift shopping and wrapping. My tasks include decorating, baking, shopping for stocking stuffers and making cards. Rushing, whining, overspending and exhaustion are not added to the "To Do" list.

Numbering our days aright will make us wise. A discerning heart focuses on what is important rather than being ruled by the tyranny of the urgent. Simplified schedules and finely tuned household jobs make it easier to enjoy seasonal activities. What a difference it makes to know the heart and home are prepared for celebration and loving people to Jesus!

Savoring each task slows down the mind and alleviates stress. Creativity lightens the mood. Burdens seem less daunting. A calm mind can ponder endings and beginnings. The heart at peace can grieve losses and celebrate victories. Having a month long celebration of who Jesus is and what that means to us brightens our holiday season. Frazzled fray melts into relaxed refreshment.

Father, won't You be Lord of Christmas in our home? You're the Prince of Peace and I will live my life for You. Joy to the world! You have come to dwell among us! Oh, Father, You give a peaceful heart that dances with overflowing joy! Merry Christmas to You, Father! Merry Christmas!

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