Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Grandma's Antique Cameo

The antique cameo I inherited from my grandmother shows a woman of refined beauty and character. To see her I need only to remove the silk covering. But the orginal carver once chiseled away what was worthless to reveal the unique work of art that only he could see inside.

My life has been a long quest to find truth and beauty within the ugly stone walls of my marble heart. The day came when I glimpsed a ray of hope. A chip of sin-stone came loose and fell to the scrap pile. More chips, then chunks crumbled away to be carried as far as the East is from the West by the God who is able. I was given a glimpse of the gem God had hidden in my heart.

I passionately hammer away at my doubts and fears, frequently frustrated by my lack of skill, yet determined to dig deeper for wisdom, truth and beauty. I struggle not to make myself into what I imagine I should be, but to discover the treasure the Master Carver has buried.

The God who truly sees me can also see the cameo that awaits deep within my heart. Grace and mercy prompt His patient wait through my struggle, failure and discouragement. To the wise and skillful teacher, discovery by the student is pure joy, valuable and precious. As my Creator, He made me who I am. As the Author and Finisher of my faith, He leads me to discover who he has made me to be.

What waits for me in in the innermost region of my very heart? What will I find when I reach the end of my journey to Middle Heart? What will I see when the clutter that hinders my sight falls away and I am finally able to see the finished product?

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